Boules Consulting

Grant Writing

With over $5 million raised through proposal writing, donor development, and strategic planning, Boules Consulting excels in helping small-scale nonprofit organizations with the following services:

Grant Writing:
Through our month-to-month membership program, Boules Consulting provides a low-cost monthly grant writing service that is unbeatable in the current market. As a professional nonprofit consultant with our Grant Writing Certifications (GWC), we will help you compete for foundation, corporate, and government grant awards. As a small business, our clients are our first priority who deserve the personal interaction, relationship building, and consistency you need for success. Our services include:

Grant Prospect Research: we pore through our several subscription based grant databases to create a list of grants tailored to your organization, along with a grant calendar of deadlines and schedules so you don’t feel overwhelmed

Grant Writing & Grant Development: We write highly competitive grant proposals for both government agencies and private foundations. We will complete the application, write the proposal, create measurable outcomes (which can also be implemented in your organization as a best practice), and participate in debriefings and provide feedback for rejected proposals.

Proof Reading & Editing: We will go through your entire proposal with a fine-toothed comb before submitting to make sure your message is clear, the instructions have been thoroughly followed, and no spelling or grammar mistakes have been found.

Consultations and coaching: As a small business, when you work with Boules Consulting you get one-on-one, face-to-face training and advice. This includes providing a detailed analysis about your past grant applications and how you can improve your overall grants strategy.

Fundraising development: We take a holistic approach when it comes to financial sustainability for your nonprofit and take the time to help your organization establish relationships with important stakeholders and donors, assist you in your annual giving campaigns, and build out your social media.

Organization and Program Development:
Enough with the traditional, top-down approach to strategic planning. Instead, we utilize a series of best practices and evidence-based approaches to help your nonprofit thrive on the organizational level. Our services include:

Strategic Planning: In the nonprofit sector, the strategic plan is a vital but adaptable tool you can use to identify the long and short-term strategies you will use to further your mission. With our approach, your diverse stakeholders -from the very people you serve to your Board of Directors- are there when we make the plan. This ensures not only collective buy-in and eliminate unconscious bias, but also means that it can be practically implemented at every level.

Project Management: Without proper direction, nonprofit organizations can often invest a large sum of capital and time into building a strategic plan, only to put it on a shelf and never see it again. That’s why Boules Consulting takes it a step further and will actually turn the strategic plan into actionable projects that can be managed by either us your staff.

Training: Even if your strategic plan is updated and you have a clear vision of how you will implement it, it will still be not as effective if you don’t have a trained staff and board. That’s why Boules Consulting provides face-to-face and online training such as Board Development, Equity and Diversity Inclusion, and more.